Tanning Appointment Instructions


  • Arrive at tanning appointment with clean, freshly showered, exfoliated, and shaven skin.
  • Wear black or dark colored, light weight, loose clothing as a cover up to your tanning appointment. Your cover up should cover your arms and legs and not have any metal buttons or zippers. Wear flip flops or slip on shoes and do not wear socks. No spaghetti strap shirts or tank tops.
  • PLEASE SLEEP IN YOUR COVER UP. Do not sleep in the nude. Please keep skin covered and protected at all times.
  • Do not wear under garments to your tanning appointment. Physique & Classic Physique men may wear boxer briefs or briefs during application of tan. Bodybuilding men may wear a sock for modesty during application of tan.
  • Arrive with hair tied up to tanning appointment. Hair cover provided.
  • TNT will apply nail barrier lotion and wipe clean fingernails and toe nails immediately following application of tan.
  • TNT will provide protective foot pads to keep the bottoms of your feet tan free.
  • No jewelry during application of tan.
  • Please DO NOT bring any personal items to your tanning appointment.
  • Please arrive exactly on time for all tanning appointments. Do not arrive early. Do not arrive late.
  • No entourage please. Arrive ALONE for all tanning appointments.
  • Avoid water and DO NOT rinse, shower or do anything causing perspiration after application of tan (no sweating). Keep skin protected and covered after application of tan at all times.
  • Sleep in your cover up on Friday night and keep your environment cool as possible (crank up the a/c). Please do not wear any under garments, socks, closed toe shoes or tight clothing after application of tan.
  • Take your time when urinating. Ladies face the toilet, hug the tank and hover in a squat position. With tp already in hand, remain in the squat position until you drip totally dry prior to wiping.