Tanning Fee

Tanning fee includes two (2) scheduled appointments, or as many as needed, for all competitors in all categories; Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, and Physique.

All competitors are booked one to two (1-2) fifteen (15) minute appointments on Friday, and a fifteen (15) minute appointment before prejudging and finals on Saturday.

Tanning fee includes backstage touch up, glaze and suit glue; if Tracy Nelson Tan is the official tanning team of the show.

Once payment is made, tanning appointment times are sent out via email four to six (4-6) days prior to show date. Absolutely no refunds, only credit toward future shows.

Book your tanning appointment at least 2 weeks prior to show date! Click HERE to book your tanning appointment NOW!

Thank you in advance for your payment 🙂