Pre-tanning Skin Preparation


  • Exfoliate daily prior to event date (do not forget back, neck, and under arms). The use of exfoliation gloves is highly recommended. Choose an all natural exfoliator scrub that DOES NOT contain any oil or fragrance. You may add baking soda or sea salt to your body wash.
  • If waxing for hair removal, wax a minimum of 48 hours before your tanning appointment. Please exfoliate any wax residue from skin prior to tanning appointment. If shaving for hair removal, shave the day of your tanning appointment.
  • A base tan is recommended  but not necessary. If you’ve been tanning in a tanning bed DO NOT BURN. Last day of  bed tanning is the Wednesday prior to event date. If using spray tan (Versa Spa) to achieve base tan, last day of spray tan is the Thursday prior to event date. 
  • Shower, exfoliate and shave directly before your tanning appointment. DO NOT apply moisturizer, lotion, perfume, cologne, deodorant or anything else to the skin prior to tanning appointment.
  • Once your first application of tan is applied DO NOT shower or shave.
  • Male competitors may apply clear nail polish to finger and toe nails to avoid staining.