Tanning Appointment Instructions

1.) Arrive at tanning appointment with clean, freshly showered, exfoliated, and shaven skin. A small application of deodorant is ok.

2.) Wear dark colored, loose clothing (covering arms and legs) as a cover up and slip on shoes (flip flops) to your tanning appointment. No spaghetti strap shirts or tank tops.

3.) Do not wear under garments to your tanning appointment. Bodybuilding men may wear a sock for modesty during application of tan. Physique men wear boxer briefs during application of tan.

4.) Arrive with hair up to tanning appointment. Hair cover provided.

5.) No jewelry during application of tan.

6.) Do not bring any personal items to your tanning appointment. Tracy Nelson Tan is not responsible for misplaced or damaged items.

7.) Please arrive exactly on time for all tanning appointments. Do not arrive early. Do not arrive late.

8.) No entourage allowed please. Come alone to all tanning appointments.

9.) Do not shower (unless instructed otherwise) or sweat after application of tan.

10.) If tanning appointments are at hotel, you will receive hotel room # via email or text at 4pm on that Friday. Please do not ask about tanning at hotel front desk.