Pre-tanning Skin Preparation

1. Exfoliate and moisturize daily at least four weeks prior to event date (do not forget back, neck, and under arms).

2.) If waxing for hair removal, wax the day before tanning appointment. If shaving for hair removal, shave the day of tanning appointment. 

3.) A base tan is recommended prior to tanning appointment. If tanning in a tanning bed to achieve base tan, tan several days a week for at least four weeks prior to tanning appointment. Do not burn. Last day of  bed tanning is the Tuesday prior to event date. If using spray tan (Versa Spa) to achieve base tan, last day of spray tan is the Thursday prior to event date.

4.) Shower, exfoliate and shave right before your tanning appointment. Do not apply moisturizer or anything else to skin prior to tanning appointment. A small amount of deodorant is allowed (apply right where hair grows). 

5.) Do not rinse, shower or sweat after application of tan. Keep skin protected and covered after application of tan at all times. Sleep in your cover up on Friday night. Please do not wear any under garments or tight clothing after application of tan.